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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-090
License Denial, Suspension, or Revocation

(1) Before granting a license and as a condition for continuance of a license, the department shall consider the ability of the applicant and licensee to meet the requirements of this chapter. If more than one person is the applicant or licensee, the department:

(a) Shall consider the persons' qualifications separately and jointly; and

(b) May deny, suspend, revoke, or not renew the license based on the failure of one of the persons to meet the requirements.

(2) The department shall deny, suspend, revoke, or not renew the license of a person who:

(a) Has abused, neglected, or sexually exploited a child as those acts or omissions are defined in RCW 26.44.020 and WAC 388-15-130, is ineligible to provide care because of a criminal history under chapter 388-330 WAC, or allows such a person on the premises;

(b) Commits or was convicted of a felony reasonably related to the competency of the person to meet the requirements of this chapter;

(c) Engages in illegal use of a drug or excessive use of alcohol;

(d) Commits, permits, aids, or abets the commission of an illegal act on the premises;

(e) Commits, permits, aids, or abets the abuse, neglect, exploitation, or cruel or indifferent care to a child in care;

(f) Refuses to permit an authorized representative of the department, state fire marshal, state auditor's office, or department of health to inspect the premises; or

(g) Refuses to permit an authorized representative of the department, the department of health, or state auditor's office access to records related to operation of the center or to interview staff or a child in care.

(3) The department may deny, suspend, revoke, or not renew a license of a person who:

(a) Seeks to obtain or retain a license by fraudulent means or misrepresentation, including, but not limited to:

(i) Making a materially false statement on the application; or

(ii) Omitting material information on the application.

(b) Provides insufficient staff in relation to the number, ages, or characteristics of children in care;

(c) Allows a person unqualified by training, experience, or temperament to care for or be in contact with a child in care;

(d) Violates any condition or limitation on licensure including, but not limited to:

(i) Permitting more children on the premises than the number for which the center is licensed; or

(ii) Permitting on the premises a child of an age different from the ages for which the center is licensed.

(e) Fails to provide adequate supervision to a child in care;

(f) Demonstrates an inability to exercise fiscal responsibility and accountability with respect to operation of the center;

(g) Misappropriates property of a child in care;

(h) Knowingly permits on the premises an employee or volunteer who has made a material misrepresentation on an application for employment or volunteer service;

(i) Refuses or fails to supply necessary, additional department requested information; or

(j) Fails to comply with any provision of chapter 74.15 RCW or this chapter.

(4) The department shall not issue a license to a person who has had denied, suspended, revoked, or not renewed a license to operate a facility for the care of children or adults, in this state or elsewhere, unless the person demonstrates by clear, cogent, and convincing evidence the person has undertaken sufficient corrective action or rehabilitation to warrant public trust and to operate the center in accordance with the rules of this chapter.

(5) The department's notice of a denial, revocation, suspension, or modification of a license and the applicant's or licensee's right to a hearing is governed under RCW 43.20A.205.

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