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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-098
Probationary License

(1) The department shall base the decision as to whether a probationary license will be issued upon the following factors:

(a) Willful or negligent noncompliance by the licensee,

(b) History of noncompliance,

(c) Extent of deviation from the requirements,

(d) Evidence of a good faith effort to comply,

(e) Any other factors relevant to the unique situation.

(2) Where the negligent or willful violation of the licensing requirements does not present an immediate threat to the health and well-being of the children but would be likely to do so if allowed to continue, a probationary license may be issued as well as civil penalties or other sanctions. Such situations may include:

(a) Substantiation that a child (or children) was abused or neglected while in the care of the center,
(b) Disapproved fire safety or sanitation report,

(c) Use of unauthorized space for child care,

(d) Inadequate supervision of children,

(e) Understaffing for the number of children in care,

(f) Noncompliance with requirements addressing:

(i) Children's health,

(ii) Proper nutrition,

(iii) Discipline,

(iv) Emergency medical plan,

(v) Sanitation and personal hygiene practices.

(3) Licensee required to notify parents when a probationary licensed IS Issued:

(a) The licensee shall notify the parents or guardians of all children in care that it is in probationary status within five working days of receiving notification he or she has been issued a probationary license;

(b) The notification shall be in writing and shall be approved by the department prior to being sent;

(c) The licensee shall provide documentation to the department that parents or guardians of all children in care have been notified within ten working days of receiving notification that he or she has been issued a probationary license;

(d) The department may issue a probationary license for up to six months, and at the discretion of the department it may be extended for an additional six months.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030. 96-20-095, § 388-150-098, filed 10/1/96, effective 11/1/96.]


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