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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-120
Staff-Child Interactions

(1) The licensee shall furnish the child a nurturing, respectful, supportive, and responsive environment through frequent interactions between the child and staff:

(a) Supporting the child in developing an understanding of self and others by assisting the! child to share ideas, experiences, and feelings;

(b) Providing age-appropriate opportunities for intellectual growth and development of the child's social and language skills, including encouraging the child to ask questions;

(c) Helping the child solve problems;

(d) Fostering creativity and independence in routine activities, including showing tolerance for mistakes; and

(e) Treating equally all children in care regardless of race, religion, culture, sex, and handicapping condition.

(2) The licensee shall furnish the child a pleasant and educational environment at meal and snack times. Staff shall provide good models for nutrition habits and social behavior by:

(a) Sitting and eating with children, when possible; and

(b) Encouraging conversation among children.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.15.030. 90-23-078 (Order 3103), § 388-150-120, filed 11/20/90, effective 12/21/90.]


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