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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-020
Scope of Licensing

(1) The person or organization operating a child day care center shall be subject to licensing by authority under chapter, 74.15 RCW, unless specifically exempted by RCW 74.15.020(4).

(2) The person or organization operating a child day care center and qualifying for exemption from requirements of this chapter under RCW 74.15.020(4) shall not be subject to licensure. The person or organization claiming an exemption shall provide the department proof of entitlement to the exemption on the department's request.

(3) RCW 74.15.020 (4)(c) exempts from licensing facilities where parents on a mutually cooperative basis exchange care of one another's children. To qualify for this cooperative exemption:

(a) At least one parent or guardian of each child attending the facility regularly shall be involved in the direct care of children at the facility;

(b) Parents or guardians shall be involved in the direct care of children on a relatively equal basis; and

(c) A person other than a parent or guardian of a child at the facility shall not be involved in the care of children or in the operation of the facility.

(4) The department shall not license the center legally exempt from licensing. However, at the applicant's request, the department shall investigate and may certify the center as meeting licensing and other pertinent requirements. In such cases, the department's requirements and procedures for licensure shall apply equally to certification.

(5) The department may certify a day care center for payment without further investigation if the center is:

(a) Licensed by an Indian tribe;

(b) Certified by the Federal Department of Defense; or

(c) Approved by the superintendent of public instruction's office.

The center must be licensed, certified, or approved in accordance with national or state standards or standards approved by the department and be operated on the premises over which the entity operating the center has jurisdiction.

(6) The department shall not license the department employee or the member of the department employee's household when such person is involved directly, or in an administrative or supervisory capacity, in the:

(a) Licensing or certification process;

(b) Placement of a child in a licensed or certified center; or

(c) Authorization of payment for the child in care.


(a) The department may license the center located in a private family residence when the portion of the residence accessible to the child is:

(i) Used exclusively for the child during the center's operating hours or while the child is in care; or

(ii) Separate from the family living quarters.

(b) A child care facility in a separate building on the same premises as a private family residence is a child day care center.

(8) The person or organization desiring to serve state-paid children shall:

(a) Be licensed or certified;

(b) Follow billing policies and procedures in Child Day Care Subsidies, A Booklet for Providers, DSHS 22-877(X); and

(c) Bill the department at the person's or organization's customary rate or the DSHS rate, whichever is less.

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