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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-280
General Safety, Maintenance, and Site

(1) The licensee shall operate the center:

(a) On an environmentally safe site;

(b) In a neighborhood free from a condition detrimental to the child's welfare; and

(c) In a location accessible to other services to carry out the program.

(2) The licensee shall maintain the indoor and outdoor premises in a safe and sanitary condition, free of hazards, and in good repair. The licensee shall ensure furniture and equipment are safe, stable, durable, child-sized, and free of sharp, loose, or pointed parts.

(3) The licensee shall:

(a) Install handrails or safety devices at child height adjacent to steps, stairways, and ramps;

(b) Maintain a flashlight or other emergency lighting device in working condition;

(c) Ensure there is no flaking or deteriorating lead-based paint on interior and exterior surfaces, equipment, and toys accessible to the preschool age and younger child;

(d) Finish or cover rough or untreated wood surfaces; and

(e) Maintain one or more telephones on the premises in working order, accessible to staff.

(4) The licensee shall supply bathrooms and other rooms subject to moisture with washable, moisture-impervious flooring.

(5) The licensee caring for the preschool age and younger child shall equip child-accessible electrical outlets with non-removable safety devices or covers preventing electrical injury.

(6) The licensee shall ensure staff can gain rapid access in an emergency to a bathroom or other room occupied by the child.

(7) The licensee shall shield light bulbs and tubes in child accessible areas.

(8) The licensee shall keep the premises free from rodents, fleas, cockroaches, and other insects and pests.

(9) The licensee shall use a housekeeping sink or another appropriate method for drawing clean mop water and disposing waste water.

(10) The licensee shall ensure the mop storage area is ventilated.

(11) The licensee shall ensure no firearm or another weapon is on the premises.

(12) The licensee shall comply with fire safety regulations adopted by the state fire marshal's office.

(13) The licensee shall ensure that rooms or closets to be made inaccessible to children shall be equipped with a lock or approved safety latch.

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