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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-320
Outdoor Play Area

(1) The licensee shall provide a safe and securely-fenced or department-approved, enclosed outdoor play area:

(a) Adjoining directly the indoor premises; or

(b) Reachable by a safe route and method; and

(c) Promoting the child's active play, physical development, and coordination; and

(d) Protecting the play area from unsupervised exit or entry by the child; and

(e) Preventing child access to roadways and other dangers.

(2) The licensee shall ensure the play area contains a minimum of seventy-five usable square feet per child. If the center uses a rotational schedule of outdoor play periods so only a portion of the child population uses the play area at one time, the licensee may reduce correspondingly the child's play area size. The licensee shall ensure appropriate child grouping by developmental or age levels, staff-to-child ratio adherence, and group size maintenance.

(3) At its discretion, the department may approve the licensee providing drop-in care only or operating in a densely developed area to use equivalent, separate, indoor space for the child's large muscle play.

(4) The licensee providing full-time care shall ensure the center's activity schedule affords the child sufficient day time to participate actively in outdoor play.

(5) The licensee shall provide a variety of age appropriate play equipment for climbing, pulling, pushing, riding, and balancing activities. The licensee shall arrange, design, construct, and maintain equipment and ground cover to prevent child injury. The licensee's quantity of outdoor play equipment shall offer the child a range of outdoor play options.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030. 90-23-078 (Order 3103), § 388-150-320, filed 11/20/90, effective 12/21/90.]


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