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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-340
Toilets, Handwashing Sinks, and Bathing Facilities

(1) The licensee shall provide a minimum of one indoor flush-type toilet and one adjacent handwash sink for every fifteen children normally on site, except:

(a) The child eighteen months of age or younger and other children using toilet training Equipment need not be included when determining the number of required flush-type toilets;

(b) If urinals are provided, the number of urinals shall not replace more than one-third of the total required toilets; and

(c) For the center serving the school age child only, the number of sinks and toilets for the child shall equal or exceed the number required by the local school district.

(2) The licensee shall supply the child warm running water for handwashing at a temperature range not less than eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit and not more than one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

(3) The licensee shall locate the child's handwashing facilities in or adjacent to rooms used for toileting.

(4) The licensee shall provide toileting privacy for the child of opposite sex six years of age and older and for other children demonstrating a need for privacy.

(5) The licensee shall provide toilets, urinals, and handwashing sinks of appropriate height and size for the child in care or furnish safe, easily cleanable platforms impervious to moisture.

(6) The licensee shall provide a mounted toilet paper dispenser for each toilet.

(7) The licensee shall ensure rooms used for toileting are ventilated to the outdoors.

(8) When the center serves the child not toilet trained, the licensee shall provide developmentally appropriate equipment for the toileting and toilet training of the young child. The licensee shall sanitize the equipment after each child's use.

(9) The licensee shall provide the child with soap and individual towels or other appropriate devices for washing and drying the child's hands and face.

(10) If the center is equipped with a bathing facility, the licensee shall:

(a) Make the bathing facility inaccessible to the child; or

(b) Ensure the preschool age and younger child is supervised while using the bathing facility; and

(c) Equip the bathing facility with a conveniently located grab bar or other safety device such as a nonskid pad.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.020 and 74.15.030. 93-18-001 (Order 3623), §388150-340, filed 8/18/93, effective 9/18/93. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030. 90-23-078 (Order 3103), § 388-150-340, filed 11/20/90, effective 12/21/90.]


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