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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-430
Prohibited Substances

(1) During operating hours or when the child is in care, the licensee, staff, and volunteers on center premises or caring for the child off-site shall not be under the influence of, consume, or possess an:

(a) Alcoholic beverage, or

(b) Illegal drug.

(2) The licensee shall prohibit smoking in the center when the child is present and in a motor vehicle when the licensee transports the child. The licensee may permit on premises smoking out doors, away from the building, where the child is not present.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030. 90-23-078 (Order 3103), § 388-150-430, filed 11/20/90, effective 12/21/90.]


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