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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

WAC 388-150-460
Program Records

The licensee shall maintain the following documentation on the premises:

(1) The daily attendance record:

(a) The parent, or other person authorized by the parent to take the child to or from the center, shall sign in the child on arrival and shall sign out the child at departure, using a full, legal signature; and

(b) When the child leaves the center to attend school or participate in off-site activities as authorized by the parent, the staff person shall sign out the child, and sign in the child on return to the center.

(2) A copy of the report sent to the licensor about the illness or injury to the child in care requiring medical treatment or hospitalization;

(3) Copies of meal and snack menus for a minimum of six months;

(4) The twelve-month record indicating the date and time the licensee conducted the required monthly fire evacuation drills;

(5) A written plan for staff development specifying the content, frequency, and manner of planned training;

(6) Activity program plan records;

(7) Nursing consultation records, if applicable, including:

(a) A copy of the written agreement with the nurse; and

(b) A summary of the nurse's on-site consultation activities.

(8) A record of:

(a) Accidents;

(b) Injuries; and

(c) Incidents requiring restraint.

(9) Attendance records and invoices for state-paid children for at least five years.

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